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18 ways to get your home ready to sell!


Preparing your home to go on the market can be an overwhelming task but it shouldn’t be! Use this checklist to help alleviate your stress and get your home on the market ASAP.


Clean & Organize:

  1. Scrub every knook and cranny
  2. Clean and throw away clutter
  3. Remove all personal items (photos, kids artwork, calendars, etc)
  4. Organize Closets
  5. Pressure Wash
  6. Clean grout
  7. Eliminate bad odors


Mend & Fix

  1. Repaint and touch-up walls (repaint in neutral colors)
  2. Update Kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  3. Pull weeds and add mulch to beds
  4. Put in new lightbulbs



  1. Have a staging consultation
  2. Remove bulky Furniture
  3. Remove furniture that does not match décor
  4. Make the purpose of each room clear
  5. Add matching towels to bathrooms
  6. Improve Landscaping with Bushes or flowers
  7. Lighten up dark areas of home



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